Forest Spaces

Grounded in Research. Rooted in Nature.

Connect To Your Natural Advantage

Forest Spaces combines scientific insight and nature’s tranquility to promote health and wellbeing. Our team of forests + health experts crafts immersive experiences that connect people with the healing power of nature.

Explore the science. Discover the benefits. Join us on the path to wellbeing.

Guided Forest Therapy

Discover the tranquillity of nature with our guided forest bathing sessions. Crafted on scientific principles, these experiences are designed to lower blood pressure, improve mood, and foster a deeper connection with the natural world.

Environmental Consultation

Expert advice on incorporating natural elements into spaces for health benefits. Our consultation services are perfect for those looking to infuse their projects with the healing power of nature, from residential gardens to commercial landscapes.

Research and Development

At the heart of Forest Spaces is our commitment to research. We continuously study the impacts of forest environments on human health, ensuring our services are grounded in scientific evidence and deliver real, measurable benefits.

Community and Corporate Programs

Custom-designed programs to integrate forest therapy into your community or organization. Experience the benefits of nature through tailored workshops, team-building sessions, and wellness retreats that promote health, productivity, and connectivity.

Education Workshops

Participate in educational sessions to learn about the benefits of forest environments and how to integrate nature into your daily life for improved health. We provide ongoing training and updates for all our clients, ensuring your forest experience continues to evolve.

Virtual Forest Sessions

Access the healing power of forests anytime, anywhere. Our digital experiences brings the essence of forest bathing to your fingertips, offering guided sessions, environmental soundscapes, and virtual forest tours to enhance your daily wellbeing.

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