Forest Spaces

Grounded in Research. Rooted in Nature.

Poetry by Tara Tiger

new perspective

normally I pass the old stumps by
but today I paused to climb inside
and gained a whole new perspective
when I gazed up toward the sky


In the winter, the evergreens stand tall
Amidst the snow and ice, they don't fall
Their needles sharp, their branches strong
They weather the storm, all winter long
Beneath the trees, the bears now sleep
Their bellies full, their fur so deep
They dream of spring, and honeyed treats
When they'll wake and roam the meadows sweet
The wolves now howl, their voices clear
In the moonlight, their keen eyes appear
They roam the land, with their family by their side
In the winter, they're steadfast and dignified
Yet still the evergreens remain
A symbol of strength, through snow and rain
Their steadfastness, a sight to see
In the winter, they're a wonder to be

thuja plicata

western red cedar
solemn and strong
keeper of nature
deep green leaves
branches reaching to the sky
symbol of life


feeling rather low
into the woods i go
with my best dog-go
slow quick quick slow
ancient trees sway to and fro
rustling leaves fall below
burnt stumps from long ago
birds sing high then low
my mind begins to slow
on the river thoughts flow
my soul starts to grow
I can finally let go
feeling good so
out of the woods I go
with my best dog-go
slow quick quick slow

good for the heart

Trees trees good for the heart 
Trees trees now apart
The more apart
The worse you feel
So get to trees and you can heal
Trees trees incredible plant
Trees trees you enchant
The more enchant
The magic I feel
Bathe in trees and more will reveal


Bitter wind blows snow
Trees stand bare, shivering cold
Winter grips the land